My first trimester – my story, tips and gender reveal 👶🏻

Hey guys,

So excited to share this post with you. Was so happy to announce to all of you last month that I am pregnant! Thank you for all the love you guys showed it’s really sweet to share this experience with you all.

I’m now 20 weeks pregnant and I wanted share my experience with you guys and some tips of things that helped me during this period. To be honest my first trimester was a very difficult one. On the 26th of November I decided to take a pregnancy test, I can still remember how shocked and nervous I was as soon as I saw the positive test result!! And these are a few things that I experienced in my first trimester.

Baby announcement

baby announcement - first trimester pregnancy tips

  • Morning sickness

Unfortunately I wasn’t one of the lucky ones. I really struggled with morning sickness. As soon as I was 7 weeks pregnant the morning sickness kicked in and was with me like a shadow until the 13th week. I could not even keep down water. Orange juice and lemon juice were my best friends. I remember one evening I got so bad that we had to go to the hospital because I was extremely dehydrated and had to take fluids to feel better. The only thing on my mind was how will the baby get the nutrients if I don’t eat or drink well. But God protected my little angel throughout this difficult phase😊

  • Food aversions

Food aversions kicked in about the same week as my morning sickness and nausea. And my sense of smell was heightened( I feel like a sniffer dog🙈). During this period I could not cook or bear the smell of any food so my husband had to take over the kitchen 😊 and I can’t thank him for all he did.

  • Hormones taking over

In the beginning I was fine, but as weeks passed my hormones were all over the place and this can make you moody and irritated very easily. And yes you are on an emotional roller coaster you can cry at anything and everything.

  • Exhaustion

I have never felt so tired and exhausted in my life, it’s really unexplainable. There were days that I just didn’t want to get out of bed and the only reason I would get out was either to eat or use the toilet.

I must admit that there were many times in my first trimester that I felt very horrible and it’s because of all the changes going on both internally and externally in my body. Pregnancy does make me feel like a completely different person, I could not do the things I liked doing because of the extreme exhaustion.

My first trimester

The best thing to look forward to in this trimester is listening to your baby’s heart beat and seeing the baby for the first time. It was the best moment in the entire trimester and I felt an overwhelming amount of joy😊

What helped me get through this trimester:

  • Loads and loads of orange juice
  • Cheese and bananas which was my favourite food
  • Talking to my pregnant friends
  • Taking that extra rest
  • My husbands love and support
  • Waiting patiently for the second trimester( trust me it all does get better)

In December 2017 I was supposed to fly to India for a big family reunion.. plans were cancelled when my doctor advised me against flying for the first trimester. So I stayed back in London, my leave helped me to take rest at home and go through this difficult phase.

I have shared my honest experience so that all the other mums to be who are going through this can know that it is perfectly normal. A small piece of advice would be speaking to your doctor rather than checking the internet, as each person’s pregnancy journey is unique. I want to cherish every moment of my pregnancy even if the first few months were difficult , because I know that this precious time I have with my little baby will never come back.

After all no one said growing a human inside you would be easy. But everything is worth it when you know at the end of these 9 months you will have your beautiful baby with you.

Ideas for baby announcement

Join us for the big reveal

Tommorow is going to be a big day for us, we will know te sex of the baby.. we are going to do a live reveal on Instagram Live for all our family and friends, who are based in other parts of the world. Time of Insta Live will be announced later today – Tune in HERE.

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Super Easy DIY Belly (Anti Stretch Marks) Butter.

Hi friends,

For those of you who missed our recent Insta Story announcement , I am super excited to announce to you guys that I am pregnant .. yaaayyyyy! I am sorry to have been missing in action for these three months, I had a really hard first trimester, I will talk about it in another post. I am back, and this time with a DIY Stretch marks cream – which is great for women during their pregnancy, and for anyone who is looking for a super rich cream for dry skin. As always its a super simple and super easy to make DIY! Continue reading