I tried the Electrical Muscle Simulation (EMS) workout.

I recently tried out the Electrical Muscle Simulation (EMS), it was recommended to me by my colleague for its efficiency and no effort nature, the super lazy person that I am I was thrilled to try out a workout which required zero effects.

Read on to know my fun experience 🙂

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5 Easy steps to make HAPPINESS become your new habit! 

Happiness for many of us is a life goal, or a myth we have long forgotten, because of all the stressors that pull us down every single day. As difficult and unbelievable as it may sound, every individual has the power of lifting themselves up and finding their happiness even in the most abrupt situations. Some life alterations can make happiness a habit rather than a long lost cause.

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Review: Dr. Organics Morrocan Argan Oil Night Cream.

We are all aware of Argan Oil benefits for the skin, I love skincare products that use argan oil in their products and that’s why I am super excited to share my experience with the lastest night cream  Moroccan Argan oil night cream, this is the first time I have tried the Dr. Organics range and I got mine from Holland and Barrett. Continue reading “Review: Dr. Organics Morrocan Argan Oil Night Cream.”

My current favorite accessory: Saint London watch!

Watches have always been one of my favourite accessory right from the time I was kid. I feel that a bold statement watch can really bring together any look. The latest addition to my list of watches is the Saint London watch.

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3 Easy Beauty DIY’s (under 3mins).

Hello guys,

Today I’m sharing with you three amazing beauty DIY’s which will take you 3 minutes or even less to prepare. Quick and efficient beauty! Let’s do this 🙂 Continue reading “3 Easy Beauty DIY’s (under 3mins).”

Makeup Revolution- Pro Brush Cleanse Tool Review.

Brush Cleansing is a very important not only for makeup artists’ but for everyone who uses them. When you use brushes daily on your skin, dead cells, dirt and bacteria can accumulate and find a place to call home. So it is really important to deep cleanse your brushes regularly, to avoid skin problems and maintain your brushes.

I am often asked how I clean my brushes and so that’s exactly what I am going to share with you today along with a new tool that I recently added to my brush cleansing routine, the  Makeup Revolution Pro Brush Cleanse Tool.

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Wearable version of RIHANNA’s Met Gala 2017 makeup look. 

Rihanna’s Met Gala 2017 makeup look.

One of my favorite makeup looks’ from this years Met Gala was that of bad girl Riri! She wore a bold statement makeup which married well with her exhuberant dress. I recreated this makeup look to be easily accesible and worn this spring and summer. Continue reading “Wearable version of RIHANNA’s Met Gala 2017 makeup look. “