FOOLISH Fashion Trends – Don’t let them get you!

Happy April Fool’s Day guys!

I hope you are not letting the little pranks get you, well I for one am not! The fashion world is filled with creativity but sometimes some trends are real pranks.

I put together some foolish fashion trends and habits that must stop immediately!

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Say stop to these FOOLISH insta Makeup Trends. 

Hi gals,

We have been seeing a great deal of trends specially on social media that catch our attention. Some of these are truly exaggerated and though I am of the opinion ‘to each to his own’ , I really think these are the height of what we are seeing. We have to stop these foolish trends immediately!

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2 Fun Ways to BLUSH this Spring! 

Hello gals,

Spring is almost here and blush is big this season from runway shows to editorials, we are seeing a milliard of ways blush is being used.

I am going to share two different ways I am going to Blush this  spring, want to recreate these fresh spring looks?? then keep reading 😉

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🦄 New Spring Hair 🦄

Hi guys,

I am so excited to share my spring hair with you, spring brings with it a newness a freshness and I wanted exactly that for my hair this season! Follow me to check out my new spring hair.  Continue reading “🦄 New Spring Hair 🦄”

India Beach Fashion Week 2017 #whatiwore

Hi guys,

This year we attended the IBFW’17 as bloggers for the first time it was a super exciting experience for us, we attended Day 2 and I am so happy to share what we wore and how we styled ourselves for the event.

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INDIA BEACH FASHION WEEK 2017 elements to add to your closet this season!

Ingrid and I are very excited to finally share this experience with you guys, we attended the Day 2 of IBFW.

The IBFW 2017 buzz engulfed Goa months before it’s actual date, and we were super excited to be invited first time as bloggers. The show took us completely by storm, we witnessed some ravishing and extraordinary designs presented by some very talented designers.

The designs ranged from trendy resort/ beach wear to  rich  Indian and western wear. Some elements really caught our eye and inspired us to use it in our everyday life to add a sparkle to our daily fashion.  Continue reading “INDIA BEACH FASHION WEEK 2017 elements to add to your closet this season!”

Post HOLI super easy skin and hair care DIY! 

Holi is one of the biggest festivals in India. This festival symbolises harmony and happiness and that’s what we see the everyone playing with colors, forgetting all the worries and tensions. But after this festival is over you have to ta good care of your skin and hair, as these colours can damage them. ( try playing with organic colours to avoid the damage). Here are two easy DIY to pamper your skin and hair post HOLI.  Continue reading “Post HOLI super easy skin and hair care DIY! “