DIY Cuticle Cream

Our nails and cuticles can go through alot  of damage due to weather change or routine chores.I had Acrylic Gel nails for quite a while which made my nails very fragile, so I made this cuticle cream which worked miracles to save my nails and I am so glad to share it with you because it’s not only easy to make (it took me a few minutes to get it done) but also it can make a cute gift to friends, I gave it to two of my friends and they absolutely love it!

It helps nourish the cuticles and nails, it is very hydrating and to top it all it has this yummy smell!. I have listed down the ingredients you will require to make this cuticle cream. Lets get started 🙂 Continue reading “DIY Cuticle Cream”




I am so glad to finally share with you guys my trip to Hong Kong, I was there just a week ago, it was a short but really memorable trip. Read on to see the highlights of my #HK trip! Continue reading “HONG KONG TRAVEL DIARY”

DIY Independance Day inspired eyelashes!

This week we are coming up with a series of blogposts inspired by Independance Day and today I wil show you how I made my Tricolor inspired eyelashes!  Continue reading “DIY Independance Day inspired eyelashes!”

Tri colour inspired nails

Hi girls,

It’s the Independence Day week and it’s time to get out the orange, green and white nail polishes😊. Nail art can be inspired by something that is being celebrated. And what better than being inspired by our national flag to celebrate Independence Day in a more patriotic way. Continue reading “Tri colour inspired nails”


70 years ago, India stood strong and declared its rights to be a free and independent country. The country attained freedom following an Independence Movement which mainly centred nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience. Since the 18th century the British East India Company established a firm foundation of dominance over the Indian subcontinent. Regardless of the fierce military strength against them a few brave men chose to stand tall and defend their mother land. While many tried violent and revolting ways to deal with the oppression of the British. A single man with a golden thought of fighting without complying delivered us Indians towards independence in 1947, one of the greatest achievements in history.

Till this very date on the 15th of august, seeing the national flag being hoisted, moves me from within. It makes me think of the vigour and strength that dwelt among those men who fought and layed down their lives, to fulfil their vision of being freed so that their children and the coming generation can live in peace in their home land.

On this very day as we pay homage to our national leaders and incredible men, an important question which always crops up; did we do justice to their dream by looking at India today? Or did their fight, loss of precious life go in vain? Continue reading “INDEPENDENT INDIA, INDEPENDENT MIND.”

A few of my favorite things- Body Shop haul!

A few days back I woke up to a bunch of goodies that arrived,  I recieved my much awaited order from the Body Shop and have been dying to write about it ever since! Its July and it’s raining sales, so I thought why not order some of my favourites from my favorite skincare brand! I am so excited to finally share with you my Body Shop haul. Continue reading “A few of my favorite things- Body Shop haul!”

Make your Skin SELFIE-READY…

The sun is finally out and so are the parties and fun events! Following our previous Selfie themed articles, I decided to do a selfie-themed post on skin care for you to help you look at your best in all those special moment captures. Filters are genius, but what if we could just be confident and show off our skin without the need of filters in photos wouldn’t that be just great?

I want to share a few tips with you so that you can prepare your skin the night before your big event, party or just any other occasion where you know you will face the camera! Let’s get our skin SELFIE-READY!  Continue reading “Make your Skin SELFIE-READY…”