My Favorite SELFIE-MAKEUP moments! 

Hello everyone 😊

Today I am gong to share with you four makeup looks that I absolutely love in selfies and some tips to get these looks. 



Its monsoon in Goa! Blue waters, colored gumboots and greenery all around; its just simply ‘beautiful‘.  But unfortunately I could not capture the moment because of a mishap with my phone. Handicapped as I felt, it did make me think how very dependent and frustrated a need to click a picture made me feel. After a lot of questioning it all ended with me evaluating the pros and cons of a selfie.


Hello gals!

Today’s I am going to show you all the cool stuff you can do if you own a white lipstick (which is lying there in your makeup kit without ever being touched). After reading this you will know why you absolutely need to own a white lipstick it’s not just a Halloween or disguise party lipstick but an absolute beauty must-have in every girls makeup kit! 

How the human mind can be compared to a cow’s digestive system!

Hello guys & gals

Today’s topic is a result of something I lived last week after a big clash with my best friend. Her words kept repeating in my head, like a scene from an Ekta Kapoor serial 🙈 .. lost in my own thoughts,  I noticed a lone cow away from her pack of herd ‘ruminating’  I couldn’t help but compare how we do the same with our thoughts.

Coffee Coconut scrub : My fite against cellulite

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to share with you today my fight against cellulite, I have been using a home made recipe with my favorite morning bevergage COFFEE!!!

I love the way coffee smells and the best part is it does wonders for the skin so read ahead for the ultimate weapons for the fight against cellulite.

Father’s Day DIY gift ideas.

Hi everyone!
We are so excited to bring this post to you, this is one of the most exciting time of the year it’s Father’s Day in a weeks time, it’s a great time to shower your old man with more love and gifts than ever, after all we can never really do this enough for all our dad’s do for us.
We planned to do something special for our dad this time by gifting him something he really loves. Our dad is a big fan of his mustache and he loves his drink!
So we made a personalised DIY mustache/ beard oil and a DIY aromatised Rum 🙂 we will share this with you so you have some inspirations for your Father’s Day gift!

Natural skincare an edible treat for your skin.

Hi Everyone!

Today I am writing about something that concerns all of us, Skincare! Everyone today is in a race to enhance their looks and look better, younger, lighter etc, and hence they take up different products to do so, and with all the modern advancements, there are many skincare choices available in the market today, that claim to enhance our skin, but do they really work???? I too love using skincare products, infact I love it so much that I am actually studying about it and have done a cosmetic formulation course.