2 Easy ways to revamp your old boots!

My combat boots are a vital part of my wardrobe. Whether it’s to complete my grunge look or completely dress down an outfit for a laid back casual feel, it plays it’s part well always. I love them because they give my look an edgy chic effect, they are super comfortable and can be worn with almost every outfit.

But wearing the same thing over and over again can get pretty boring, so here are 2 ways in which I styled my boots to revamp them and add a fun element to change my looks! Continue reading

FOOLISH Fashion Trends – Don’t let them get you!

Happy April Fool’s Day guys!

I hope you are not letting the little pranks get you, well I for one am not! The fashion world is filled with creativity but sometimes some trends are real pranks.

I put together some foolish fashion trends and habits that must stop immediately!

Continue reading


Hello girls
With the end of the holiday season, we all have tucked away those gorgeous glittery pieces somewhere in the corner of our closets, waiting for the perfect time when we can show them off again.

In today’s post, I’m going to show you how I reinvented my festive piece in a more casual way, so I can show off my beautiful standout pieces even during a non festive period! Continue reading

Boyish Style

Lately I have been a big fan of celebs tomboy style like Cara Delevingne, Ruby Rose, it is one of this year’s major trend and it’s definitely on my must-try list of looks this year.The androgynous style may look pretty carefree but it does take a little effort and the dude cool attitude to get it right!

So whether you are a tomboy at heart or just love trying out new styles here are some tips and elements you can use to complete the look. Continue reading