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5 Easy steps to make HAPPINESS become your new habit! 

Happiness for many of us is a life goal, or a myth we have long forgotten, because of all the stressors that pull us down every single day. As difficult and unbelievable as it may sound, every individual has the power of lifting themselves up and finding their happiness even in the most abrupt situations.

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4 Ways to welcome EASTER with a BALANCE rather than a BLAST.

40 days are almost up! 40 days of abstinence from our most strong urges and earthly privileges. Eagerly waiting for Easter, which for many of us means getting the wild side on, from a buffet of meat to a bottle down. 

New YEAR, Old ME 

HELLO 2017, With the arrival of the new year, we all are adamant to find and change into the ‘new me’. With setting of resolutions, from better diet plans to less alcohol consumption. We all have been there and surely done that. But personally I was never ever able to keep up to all my

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It’s Halloween!!! I hope you all are prepped up. While you all were busy getting your costumes ready and deciding on where to spend Halloween. I was wrecking my brain about what should my Halloween post be centered around. Halloween in the past was the bestride line between fall and winter, life and death, Halloween

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Red Velvet ( Beetroot) Latte! 

Autumn is here and it’s the time for some warm lattes. Recently I have become a big fan of  Red Velvet Latte (or Beet latte) -the new super food. Pink is my favorite color (yes I am such a girly girl at times :P) and I am an all time coffee lover (which is why

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With our increasing age we are often burdened by ways in which we can maintain youthfulness. We are attracted by those promising cosmetics endorsed by stars with radiating and flawless skin. Rather than slathering our skin with age defying ingredients, we should not forget staying mentally young is a key factor to restoring the youthful

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DIY 3 GREEN TEA Must-Know Beauty Tips.

In my aim to lead a healthier life style, I am always on the search for natural products which have health and beauty benefits. Recently I came across some surprising benefits of green tea, and you know what? You don’t have to always drink the stuff to get its benefits there are many other ways

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Its monsoon in Goa! Blue waters, colored gumboots and greenery all around; its just simply ‘beautiful‘.  But unfortunately I could not capture the moment because of a mishap with my phone. Handicapped as I felt, it did make me think how very dependent and frustrated a need to click a picture made me feel. After

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