Natural Skincare Range – PUREPOTIONS Review.

Super happy to talk natural skincare again in this new post, as I have been saying from my very first post, natural skincare is very important to me. What you put on your skin gets absorbed into your system and can have effects on your health. I am very cautious about this and so have been writing about some great skincare brands that have this … Continue reading Natural Skincare Range – PUREPOTIONS Review.


Hope you guys are having a great start to the week, if you followed my Instagram stories this weekend, you lived the exciting Blogger’s Ball experience with me 🙂 I am going to write about the event and all the goodies I recieved soon, but first I wanted to share my oufit details with you guys! Continue reading “BLOGGERS BALL 2017 #WHATIWORE”

My current favorite accessory: Saint London watch!

Watches have always been one of my favourite accessory right from the time I was kid. I feel that a bold statement watch can really bring together any look. The latest addition to my list of watches is the Saint London watch.

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Valentine Day OOTD.

Happy Valentine’s Day guys!!

It’s that days of the year again when the whole city will be painted in red. Everyone is in the mood for love and romance. So whether you are planning to celebrate this day with a fun lunch or date night you should never be underdressed.

Here are two of my looks for Valentines Day 💗 Continue reading “Valentine Day OOTD.”


Hello girls
With the end of the holiday season, we all have tucked away those gorgeous glittery pieces somewhere in the corner of our closets, waiting for the perfect time when we can show them off again.

In today’s post, I’m going to show you how I reinvented my festive piece in a more casual way, so I can show off my beautiful standout pieces even during a non festive period! Continue reading “HOW TO USE THAT GLITTERY PIECE IN YOUR WARDROBE POST-HOLIDAY SEASON.”

Portobello Road Market


I have been living in the beautiful city of London for over a year now. This city never stops to amaze me, the churches, bridges, buildings all have their own architectural uniqueness. I love London and it’s culture so I thought it can be really great to share with you different things that you can do here.

First on my list is the Portobello Road Market: Continue reading “Portobello Road Market”

Naturally Well-Defined Eyelashes Routine! 

Hello Guys

Recently I have been wearing a really natural everyday makeup look.

  • A very light coverage Water-Based Foundation Water Blend
  • Big Fat Lashes, I really take my time to get beautiful lashes with volume, length and all those good things without making it look fake.
  • Little Blush & No Contouring
  • A Beautiful Lipstick

and I am good to go 🙂 Today I Will share with you the products and techniques I use to get naturally well-defined lashes which have been a key to the look I have been sporting. Continue reading “Naturally Well-Defined Eyelashes Routine! “