🦄 New Spring Hair 🦄

Hi guys,

I am so excited to share my spring hair with you, spring brings with it a newness a freshness and I wanted exactly that for my hair this season! Follow me to check out my new spring hair.  Continue reading “🦄 New Spring Hair 🦄”


Love Tears Makeup Look.

Hello Gals 🙃

Inspired by all the Valentine day fever I created this fun look 😍, I am so excited to take you through a step by step tutorial to get LOVE TEARS!  Continue reading “Love Tears Makeup Look.”

Crazy Hair Colors for Girls with Dark Hair

The Crazy Color hair trend is going stronger than ever in 2016. Rainbow hair, Colombré, Mermaid hair and even Glittercolor hair are flooding social media. So today I wanted to write to girls with dark hair like me who would so love to get this done but are either afraid that it won’t suit them or dont know if they really can get these pretty colors to show on their dark hair. Read on to see and relive my hair transformation, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting into the mermaid hair color trend.  Continue reading “Crazy Hair Colors for Girls with Dark Hair”